You'll Dream About Me

Moon Music

With a foundation of original arrangements, Moon Music layers exquisite harmonies and genuine passion to create a truly one-of-a-kind listening experience!

“You’ll Dream About Me” is the debut album by Virginia-based acoustic folk-pop group, Moon Music. The title song, an original composition, infectious in the chorus and founded on a syncopated rhythmic theme, pays homage to a generation of old-school “say what you mean” female rock vocalists -- polished with a softer touch.

The journey starts with the familiar standard, “The Water Is Wide”, covered by many, but given a deeply-moving new life, and moves into an ingenious acoustic three-part harmony turn on Pink Floyd’s anthem to the absurd, “Brain Damage”. There are nods to the country rock of the 70’s with Pure Prairie League classic “Amie” and Janis Ian’s off-the-radar “Boots Like Emmy Lou’s”. Following through with the achingly nostalgic “Carolina In My Mind”, we move into Neil Young’s “Old Man”, expanded into three veins of vocal intensity. There’s even a nod to the 80’s in the form of “Eternal Flame”, infamous Bangles ballad. But the real nugget, and perhaps the biggest surprise is the Journey mega-hit “Lights”, hauntingly framed by an original piano score by Jim Moon who arranged, engineered and produced the entire album.

The arrangements unfold effortlessly, and each song features a different treatment or approach. Moon Musicians, Jim, Debra, and Mary Alyce, take on lead or harmony vocals with a natural and complimentary response. At times you’ll be enveloped by a lush, almost orchestral sound. Other times the sensitive counterpoint of the three voices is accompanied by a single, simple acoustic guitar.

The vocal texture alternates between elegant three-part harmony and delicate imitative vocal interweaving. Vocal motifs are passed back and forth from one voice to another, in a somewhat classical style, yet contemporary and with an understated and beautifully-crafted touch. And sometimes a simple chordal texture is evoked, as in the fresh arrangement of “Carolina in My Mind”.

This is music for listeners who listen INSIDE the music!

Moon Music is unapologetically addicted to color in the music, but won’t pound you with the obvious. There are no loops or metronome tracks, no mechanical sequences. Every instrument heard on this album is played, strummed, or plucked by hand by Jim, Debra or Mary Alyce, every vocal line and melody recorded as it was sung. And there are some true instrumental surprises, such as an unexpected cathedral organ that announces the beginning of “Eclipse”.

Nuances and subtleties abound with Moon Music. In fact, that is what makes this album so special to this listener, and has brought a few to tears. There are several inspired piano interludes, each alone worth the price of this album. You will find yourself listening to these arrangements, exploring “behind the scenes”, and discovering a new turn of phrase or musical humor, but definitely something delightful, each and every time.

Produced by: Jim Moon Mastering: Bill Wolf Copyright: Moon Music Design: Jill Lanphear

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