Moon Music

Native Loudoun County trio, Moon Music, forged a partnership almost a decade ago, with a signature nuanced three-part harmony vocal sound, backed by beautiful piano, and acoustic guitar. Jim Moon, acclaimed pianist and guitarist had been playing in classic rock band, Mr. Jimmy, alongside fellow musician, Mary Alyce. The two then joined forces again, along with Deb Dalby, singer and percussionist, to complete the Moon Music trio. Moon Music is known for their original arrangements, of “unlikely covers” for a vocal trio - songs by Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, U2 and many more.

When Jim Moon invited two friends to his studio one afternoon to "woodshed" some harmonies, he had no notion of what might happen. Mary Alyce Wicks and Debra Dalby brought different musical backgrounds and singing styles to the studio that day. Yet their voices, each distinct on their own, blended with such ease, grace and style. It seemed too good to be true -- beautiful voices, ringing harmonies -- and everyone got along! Moon Music was born in an instant!

The trio made its debut, squeezed into a corner of a local coffee shop. The vocal harmonies resonated so beautifully throughout the acoustics of the room, that soon the shop was full of coffee drinkers and passer-bys, reluctant to leave for fear of missing a note!

Moon Music has since refined its signature sound of delicate and nuanced three-part harmony, accompanied by Jim's exquisite piano playing. The sound is also enriched by Mary Alyce's beautiful acoustic guitar playing, and Deb rounds out the instrumentation with hand percussion.

The trio arranges unique and sensitive "original covers", creating something fresh and suited to the trio's own vocal blend and instrumentation, rather than simply duplicating the original. Moon Music is known for different takes and "unlikely covers" for a vocal trio, such as songs by Pink Floyd and Journey.

Moon Music performs for lovers of harmony everywhere, and recently released their debut CD "You'll Dream About Me".